The Yard Experts Promise
  1. Our staff will treat you with respect. Each employee will be in uniform and professionally trained to perform assigned tasks on your property.

  2. We will be there when we say and we will do what we promise to do.

  3. Our trucks will be clean and identifiable, and will not detract from the appearance of your neighborhood.

  4. Your job site will be left neat, clean and safe.

  5. We will promptly correct any aspects of our work that is unsatisfactory to you.


Your home is one of your most valuable assets, doesn’t it make sense to make sure that your landscape is treated as part of that investment.

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Your Maintenance Includes:

a. Trimming as needed- We will trim all groundcover, shrubs and trees (up to 6 feet tall). We will try to let them bloom. Special request from you will be noted on our work order to meet your specific expectations.
Trees taller than 6 feet tall are not included in your maintenance. Please contact the office to schedule an estimate for additional tree trimming or repairs.

b. Edging & mowing lawn- Your grass will be edged and mowed completely at the height appropriate for your grass.

c. Blowing & raking rock- Your rock area will be power blown to remove existing debris. Raking will be done on an as needed basis.

d. Weed control- Most existing weeds will be removed (larger than 6”). The rest will be sprayed with herbicide. If severe problems with weeds occur we may recommend a pre-emergent or other treatment for an additional charge. It’s impossible to eliminate all weeds, but with regular maintenance they should be kept under control.

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Additional Services/Fees:

  • Tree Service: tree trimming & pruning, fertilizing and securing/staking (before Monsoon Season) 
  • Lawn Care: fertilizing, aerating, de-thatching and scalping. Over seeding is done in October
  • Irrigation Repairs: sprinklers, valves, drip heads, broken pipes and more
  • Pre- emergent treatment is recommended in July and December (or every 6 months) to cut down on weed growth


  • Weekly Maintenance: TYE’s crew going every week (every 7 days) to do maintenance. Estimated charge for a weekly maintenance applies every time job is completed.
  • Bi-weekly Maintenance: TYE’s crew going every 2 weeks (every 14 days) to do maintenance. Estimated charge for a biweekly maintenance applies every time job is completed.
  • Monthly Maintenance: TYE’s crew going every 4 weeks (every 28 days) to do maintenance. Estimated charge for a monthly maintenance applies every time job is completed


  • Maintenance service cannot be scheduled at a specific time of day due to our routing system.
  • Maintenance cannot be skipped unless it is changed from a bi-weekly to a monthly maintenance.
    If it is necessary to skip there may be an extra charge on the following maintenance.
  • If maintenance includes the backyard, gates need to be left unlocked on service day. If gate is locked on scheduled maintenance day and there is no other access, regular charges will apply. The crew will knock and if no answer, the front only will be completed. If you request a visit to complete the back before your next scheduled maintenance day, there will be a $35 trip charge.


Due Date
Payment is due on or before services are rendered unless prior agreement has been made and noted in account.

Automatic payment by Credit/Debit Card on or before day of service
Credit/Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) kept on file and charged on the day of each service. We will e-mail a paid invoice at your request.

Late Fees
All overdue accounts may be subject to a 5% late payment charge. You may avoid any such late fees by paying via credit/debit card over the phone or simply by remitting payment when invoice is received.

Cancellation Policy
If a balance has been outstanding over 30 days the service will be immediately cancelled without prior notice until full payment has been received.

Reactivation Policy
If the account has been cancelled for nonpayment we must receive the full balance in order to reschedule service. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify us if they want to resume service. We will not automatically restart service.

Customer Cancellation
To cancel service, please notify us, in person, at least 72 hours in advance before the next scheduled service. Therefore, if a customer calls to cancel the day of a scheduled service, charges will apply if the crew has already left or started/completed the service as our crews begin before the office opens.

Outstanding Balances
All customers that have outstanding balances, including those cancelled for nonpayment will be sent a final bill. If we receive no response to the final bill or payment arrangements are not made, the customer will then receive a reminder notice. Any customer that does not pay within 30 days may be sent to an outside collection agency. Customers sent to an outside collection agency will not be permitted to have another account with The Yard Experts until the balance is paid in full, along with a reactivation fee and any collection agency fees due.

Returned Checks
Any customer whose check comes back insufficient funds (NSF) will be cancelled and invoiced a $35.00 FEE.
In order to reactivate account, customer must pay the balance plus any fees before work is rescheduled.